Maintenance and repairs


Blades are very complex parts of a wind turbine. They are constructed from numerous layers of different fiber types and composite materials of various kinds. Furthermore, a properly completed certified repair of reinforcement layers in a wind turbine blade, requires extremely complicated technical skills and techniques, for the person who are to perform such a repair, and in order to restore the full strength of each damaged fiber layer.

Becoming a good blade technician is not an easy task, and takes years and years of practice, training, and experience. Blade Partners can provide you with the utmost security and assurance that your wind turbine blades are in the best condition, both from an operational point of view, as well as regarding the safety of the surroundings of your wind turbine.

We have a certified and approved repair solution for every blade type and for each manufacturer.

We repair when others give up, and still provides customers with the longest warranty in the business.