Gondola/Crane teams


Our Gondola/Crane teams consists of technicians, who through 9 and up to 25 years of employment at a variety of blade manufactures such as for example Vestas, LM Wind Power and Siemens, have acquired an immense and invaluable knowledge of blades, their design and how they are built.

In addition, our Gondola/Crane technicians are by fare amongst the absolute most experienced in the world, and are with high accuracy able to perform even extremely difficult and large repairs in the air, fully following manufacturer developed certified repair instructions.

All our Gondola/Crane technicians, completely masters all the required processes to perfection. From identifying visually, each damaged fiber layer as well as type, to performing the extremely difficult phasing/chamfering procedure, in compliance with the required chamfering values, to performing a perfect casting with a correct fiber/resin percentage, are all within our technians daily routine professional capabilities.

Blade Partners have 2 units of our own Gondola access platforms, manufactured by NIHON BISOH CO., LTD. for affordable blade access. Our Gondola/Crane technicians can repair 97% of all damages up in the air, from these platforms or from a crane with a man basket. Only on very rare occasions, it is necessary to position the blade on the ground, to remove all pressure on the internal webs/spar, during for example an all the way through repair at the root end, in the blades root laminate reinforcement layers.