Our Team

  • Gondola/Crane technicians
  • Rope Access technicians
  • Management

Mr. Bent Mikkelsen

Gondola/Crane technician

Bent Mikkelsen has more than 24 years of blade experience with various blade types and different manufacturer´s.

Bent Mikkelsen masters to perfection all processes in every certified instruction, and is capable of performing even the most advanced and complicated repairs, in full compliance with manufacturer certified repair requirements and instructions.

Bent is one of our absolute most experienced technicians, and is highly regarded and respected within the wind industry, for his extreme high technical level.

Mr. Michael Petersen

Gondola/Crane technician

Michael has worked both in the production of blades in almost all the different departments, as well as in the field as a blade technicians for 13 years. Especially

Michaels grinding and phasing skills are of exceptionally high standard, ensuring that the necessary overlap of the different repair layers are fully complied with. Michael is known as a hard-working and extremely pleasant person, and his work is known and recognized for being of the highest quality.

Michael is often personally requested by several of our customers.

Mr. Soren Helbo Rasmussen

Gondola/Crane technician

Soren was one of the absolute top grinders in LM Wind Power´s history. With his 12 years of experience, he knows how to turn the impossible to possible, in a safe and responsible manner.

Soren has to date carried out some of the largest structural repairs in reinforcement areas to date. What is even more impressive is that these huge certified repairs was conducted in 60 meters height, while the blades were still mounted on the turbine. He completed a repair, which should have been performed on the ground, without in any way compromising either with safety or the certified repair procedures and instructions, thereby saving the turbine owner for additional high costs for bringing the blade down on the ground.

Soren’s capabilities and techniques surpasses what was considered possible, and he raises the bar for the term “A skilled blade technician”

Mr. Morten Andersen

Gondola/Crane technician

No one takes more professional pride in his work than Morten. He is reliable and self-critical to an extent where everything has to be completely perfect, and carried out according to required guidelines and designated instructions.

During his 12 years in the blade industry, he has accumulated exceptional outstanding engineering skills, which entailed that he became responsible at the various factories for handling the most sophisticated repairs on blades after demolding.

Additionally, our customers commends Morten for his high credibility and extremely pleasant personality.

Mr. Leif Bob Ryager

Rope Access technician

Leif Bob has over 25 years of blade experience with various blade types and different manufacturer´s.

He has worked with all processes and are capable of performing the most advanced and complicated repairs, fully following manufacturer certified instructions.

Bob’s skills and techniques within blade repair and repair of lightning conductor systems, ranks among the absolute world elite, and his huge professional knowledge can hardly be found greater, elsewhere.

Mr. Dennis Thomsen

Rope Access technician

Dennis started out in the blade industry at LM Wind Power in 1999 as a blade technician. Dennis has a huge understanding of quality, and performs everything to perfection, exceeding the requirements in the various repair instructions from the different manufacturers.

Dennis has an unprecedented comprehension and understanding of the blades design and construction, and especially of the necessity for repairing correctly.

With his 17 years of experience in the field, and his unusual high technical abilities, a wind turbine blade could not be safer than in Dennis´s hands.

Mr. Ronni Pedersen

Rope Access technician

Yet another good example of a top grinder from LM Wind Power. During his 12 years employment as a grinder, Ronni was trusted and responsible for performing repairs of wrinkles in the LM 61.5.P blades consisting of H-glass 1322 and 661, which is by far one of the absolute most advanced, difficult and challenging repairs, performed until todays date.

The excellence of his phase-outs of damaged fiber layer, as well as his perfect castings with perfect overlaps and resin percentage, are of such a high quality and standard that his repairs not only comply with manufacturer certified instructions and criteria´s, but also exceeds them.

Ronni has been handpicked, and has been on our wish list from the very beginning. We are extremely proud and fortunate that Ronni eventually decided to join our team.

Mr. André Christensen

Rope Access technician

André is our youngest technician, but don’t let this fact fool you. André, despite his young age already has 10 years of experience in blades, and have conducted many more training courses than any of our other technicians.

André has manufactured and molded many various blade types, and he has worked with virtually all production processes in the manufacturing of blades. His understanding of quality and his ability to identify different types of fiberglass is without comparison and impeccable.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that André has chosen Blade Partners as his workplace. André will within a few years, be among the absolute best technicians, the world has to offer.

Mr. Michael Sorensen

Rope Access technician

Michael is the epitome of hard-working. He is extremely efficient without in any way compromising with either safety or quality.

Michael is one of our most requested technicians, by our customers, and he is extremely well liked by all of his colleagues. Michael has worked with wind turbine blades for most of his working life, and has worked with all processes and in all departments at the factories.

This has given Michael a tremendous understanding of the importance of quality, and why it is essential to (strictly), follow work instructions, in order to restore the full strength of damaged glass fiber layers, and composite materials.

Mr. Lars Rasmussen

Rope Access technician

Lars is one of the most down to earth persons you can imagine. He is quality conscious and takes professional pride in his work on an unprecedented high level. He always has the safety of others as well as his own, as the highest priority, and are capable of performing repairs of the very highest quality.

His blade experience has been acquired through 10 years of employment at different blade manufacturers and service providers. We consider ourselves very fortunate that Lars has chosen Blade Partners as his workplace.

Mr. Kent Sorensen

Chief Operational Officer

Kent is the epitome of high quality. He has through his 12 year long blade career at LM Wind Power, worked in all departments and with all processes in blade manufacturing, from molding to cut and grinding to finish to assembly.

Kent is still today highly recognized as one of the absolute best technicians and employees at LM Wind Power ever. The last years of Kent’s employment at LM, he served as one of the most trusted and respected quality inspectors.

Kent functions today as Blade Partners overarching watchdog, which despite our technicians unusual high standard, serves as our customer safety and security that all our work is carried out and performed, in compliance with manufacturers’ designated instructions.

Mr. Frank Madsen

Chief Operational Officer – Rope Access

Frank is one of the most sought after and recognized level 3 Rope Access technicians in the world. With more than 10,000-logged hours of experience, with inspections and repairs on almost all blade types from virtually all manufacturers, Franks experience speaks for itself.

Today Frank is handling all of Blade Partners Rope Access teams, controlling that everything is being conducted in accordance with applicable regulations, and in a safe manner.

Frank’s experience in the wind and blade industry extends over the past 13 years where he specifically has serviced Vestas and Siemens, with blade maintenance as well as qualitative measures and improvements, for manufacturers’ development of future blades.

Mrs. Tina Sixhoj

Chief Financial Officer – Human Resource Manager

Tina’s history within the blade industry offers both manufacturing Experience, as well as being able to perform even the most advanced and difficult repairs in the blades main reinforcements layers, fully following certified manufacturer instructions.

For several years Tina also functioned as assistant for the globally blade responsible director at LM Wind Power’s. Here she had special responsibility for both LM´s work and repair instructions, as well as for parts lists and qualitative measures.

Tina´s blade related career stretches over 12 years, and her knowledge of blades are on level with even the most experienced of Blade Partners technicians. Tina is in charge of finance and Human resources.

Mrs. Lone Mathiesen

Lone is the only one at our office with no blade related experience. However, her key competencies in other important administrative tasks, makes her completely indispensable for Blade Partners Operating activities.

At Blade Partners she functions as Tina´s assistant, handling various financial related issues such as bookkeeping, payrolls as well as supporting Tina in the companies communication with our accountant, as well as a number of other ad hoc tasks. Lone is a well-liked and highly respected member of our little family.

Mr. Henrik Frederiksen

Chief Executive Officer

Henrik is the spinning wheel of any operation. He has an extraor dinary high level of communication skills, and is the perfect match for almost any situation any partner, client, or employee can wish for.

With over 18 years in the wind industry Henrik has a wide range of experience from different blade manufactures. Both Siemens, and as well LM Wind Power has enjoyed years of working with Henrik and used his sensational teamwork and team spirit. Henrik has the ability to focus on the whole team to reach the agreed goals.