Introduction to Blade Partners

We offer certified blade maintenance, inspections, and repairs to turbine owners world wide, in compliance with blade manufacturer guidelines and thoroughly tested instructions.

All employees at Blade Partners, including all office workers, are fully capable of performing even the most complex structural repairs in compliance with the various blade manufacturer guidelines and thoroughly tested instructions.

We find that this is by far the most professional approach, and the fact that all our office workers are experts on the same level as our technicians contributes to an excellent communication and understanding between our customers, office workers, and technicians performing inspections and repairs on site.

Our workforce, consisting of Danish technicians, is by far the most experienced in the world, with more than 300 years of combined experience, and with all our employees coming from various blade manufacturers.

Blade Partners is a newly established Joint Venture company between several wind farm owners world wide and investors on one side, and one of the absolute most experienced wind turbine blade repairing companies in the world, on the other. The parties have through several discussions and negotiations, agreed to create the ultimate best solution for wind turbine owners world wide, for maintenance and repair of their wind turbine blades.

Advantages by using Blade Partners

  • Certified inspections in full compliance with manufacturer guidelines.
  • Longest warranty on completed blade repairs in the industry.
  • Approval of blades at the suppliers before delivery.
  • Contracts, invoices, documentation, and blade reports in Japanese/English.
  • Office in Tokyo and central warehouse in Ishikawa prefecture.
  • Certified repairs in full compliance with manufacturer guidelines.
  • UT scanning.
  • Own service vans, spare blades and parts for blades.
  • Consultancy and full support for warranty claims.
  • Own Rope Ascenders and Gondola Access Platforms.
  • Skilled world-class teams with more than 15 years of experience.